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Orthodox Christian Mission Center

220 Mason Manatee Way
St. Augustine, Florida (United States)

Phone: 877-463-6784
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Job ID: 49476
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Location: St. Augustine, FL
Zip Code: 32086
Job Category: Youth Ministry
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 03.29.2018

(Long-term Missionary) Youth Ministry in Sweden

St. Augustine, FL

Job Description

Provide religious instruction via:

  • Sunday Schools and Catechism
  • Bible Study and Religious Discussion Groups
  • Develop regular seminars and the corresponding instructional curriculum and appropriate materials

Worship: Provide training for youth to encourage serving in the altar, participating in the chanter’s stand/choir, preparing the prosphoron bread to be used during the celebration of the Divine Liturgy, and beautifying parishes through hagiography, embroidery, and other activities.

Fellowship: Organize youth groups at all levels (child, teenager, and young adult) where members may bond and grow in fellowship through participation in athletics, recreational activities, trips, and projects.

Cultural: Engaging the youth in activities that promote the Hellenic and Orthodox Christian culture, including musical concerts, drama productions, visits to museums, pilgrimages to holy sites.

Camps/Retreat: Organize and oversee the operation of the Metropolis Retreat Center, which will host summer camps and periodic retreats throughout the year for young people across the five nations comprising the Metropolis (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Greenland). Interested parties will have the opportunity to also help with the establishment of the Retreat Center, which is presently still under development.

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