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Orthodox Christian Mission Center

220 Mason Manatee Way
St. Augustine, Florida (United States)

Phone: 877-463-6784
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Job ID: 49479
Job Views: 63998
Location: St. Augustine, FL
Zip Code: 32086
Job Category: Development
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 03.29.2018

(Long-term Missionary) Stewardship and Development Ministry in Sweden

St. Augustine, FL


Sales-Retail: Fundraising

Job Description

Promote awareness on stewardship as a way of life and its role in promoting spiritual growth, building self-sustaining parishes, and strengthening faith. Lead the faithful in sharing their gifts and talents to strengthen the ministry of their local Church through planned giving and organized contribution of resources. Set up a stewardship contribution system in every parish by educating the faithful on the role and importance of stewardship in a viable parish community and training parish leaders on how to effectively implement stewardship programs. Help to develop Metropolis ministries through the establishment of a regular parish contribution system. Develop crowdfunding initiatives and spearhead other fundraising drives using traditional and online means.

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