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Orthodox Christian Mission Center

220 Mason Manatee Way
St. Augustine, Florida (United States)

Phone: 877-463-6784
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Job ID: 49511
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Location: St. Augustine, FL
Zip Code: 32086
Job Category: Clerical
Employment Type: Full time
Posted: 06.21.2018

(Long-term Missionary) Supply Priest and Clergy Mentor in Guatemala

St. Augustine, FL

Job Description

  • Proficiency in Spanish, being able to preach and teach extemporaneously.
  • This role requires an ordained priest who has significant pastoral and liturgical experience. His focus will be twofold: (1) develop bonds with the Guatemalan priests to mentor and teach them the church services and grow their knowledge of Orthodox theology; the church services must be taught according to the liturgical practices of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. (2) Work as a supply priest to cover the Guatemalan priests when they need someone to perform a Liturgy, baptism, marriage, etc.
  • Regular travel required. The missionary would be based out of a central location but must be willing to travel long distances to any of the Orthodox churches across Guatemala and southern Mexico. Travel will usually be accomplished by going in a church vehicle and a driver will normally be provided; however, this missionary should slowly develop the ability to travel more independently when necessary.
  • This missionary must be willing to sing Bible songs with church musical groups in a lively and joyful manner, because these songs are a very important component to parish visits.

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