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Jamil Samara Web Development
34 Bradwood Street
Roslindale, Massachusetts

Phone: 617-501-4427
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Jamil Samara Web Development

Location: Roslindale, Massachusetts
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Posted: 05.26.2011

Service Description

I am a web developer and programmer who has over 15 years experience building websites and developing applications.  I have over 9 years of experience of this same work directly within an Orthodox Christian environment.  If you need a custom application to be developed, the implementation of a content management system, optimization of HTML/CSS to web standards, or consulting on best practices, I am able to help.

There's nothing worth seeing here, but here is my website:

You can contact me at

Prices and Packages

I regularly charge $75 / hour for database development, software design and development, and general consulting. 

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