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Location: Seattle, WA
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Posted: 12.18.2013

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I am an Orthodox Christian and a freelance transcriptionist located in the Pacific Northwest with a background in linguistics, specializing in academic research and oral history interviews, as well as editing and transcription of spoken language data. I am knowledgeable of multiple varieties of English as it is spoken in the US and around the world. International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as well as conventional transcription available. 

I specialize also in transcribing recordings of foreign-accented English and impaired speech.  

For academic projects, I am experienced in subject recruitment, setting up and recording field interviews, as well as performing data collection and analysis.I have extensive experience with Human Subjects protocols of privacy and security, and with other research methods involving recording human subjects.

I would love to hear, record, and/or transcribe your personal story or interviews! I have a great love of this kind of work, and feel privileged and humbled to be included in people's lives and histories in this way. People are frequently amazed at how beautifully spoken-word recordings can really take on new meaning and dimension when transfered to the printed page.

I work only with digitized sound files, but if you have your data in another format (like analog cassettes for example), they can still be digitized and then transcribed. We can work it out!

I do not have a website at this time, but please call or send a message, with any questions, and we can talk!


Lisa Galvin

Owner, RavinScripts

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