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Mr. Appliance of West Central Indiana
4626 W Fall Creek Rd.
Terre Haute, IN (United States)

Phone: 7659181307
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In-Home Service Technician

Location: Terre Haute, IN
Zip Code: 47933
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Posted: 06.19.2017


Installation-Maintenance-Repair: Computer-Electronics-Telecomm Install-Maintain-Repair, Electrician, Equipment Install-Maintain-Repair, General-Other: Installation-Maintenance-Repair, HVAC, Plumbing-Pipefitting, Wire and Cable Install-Maintain-Repair

Service Description

Come join a team, not only of Orthodox Christians, but also a world-class business offering in-home repair services to distressed home-owners in rural west central Indiana. 


We need decent, reliable men and women to serve our growing clientel with respect, integrity, a customer focus and fun.


Mr. Appliance is a national home appliance service franchise that is at the top of its game. Our technicians wear blue and white striped collars, reflecting the dual nature of our work. We work with tools and machines, but we also work with computers and sales skills. 

There are three parts to our business

  1. Make the phone ring - covered!
  2. Turn the phone call into an appointment - covered!
  3. Turn the appointment into a sale and satisfied customer - needed!


The Mr. Appliance service professional is the modern knight errant:

  • His weapons are his tools
  • His shield, his iPad
  • His trusty steed, his tech van
  • His code of Chivalry, the Mr. Appliance Code of Values


We are daily rescuing housewives in distress by turning a defective machine into an encore experience they can't wait to share with others. 


Watch this video and ask yourself if you could do what is in that video and then could you learn to use a few tools and your mind to solve problems?


Mr. Appliance of West Central Indiana is owned and operated by Fr. Alex Miller and Justin Miller. Fr. Alex is pastor of Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church in Montgomery County, 6 miles west of Crawfordsville, IN. Justin is cantor. Holy Transfiguration belongs to the American Carpatho Russian Diocese of the USA, under His Grace Bishop Gregory of Nyssa

Prices and Packages

The most successful Mr. Appliance offices with the most successful, happiest technicians are on a straight commission compensation system.

Techs are paid 23-25% of every dollar they sell in the field. This makes the sky the limit and also gives a tech the integrity to know he is earning his pay. And when he's off, he is his own man. 

They also pay an insurance allowence fo some given amount.


We will negotiate fair compensation and make an agreement we are all willing, able and intend to keep. 

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