Getting Started

Are you new to  Here are a few things you should know: 

Building off of the great service OrthodoxJobs has provided since 2005, OrthodoxJobs now improves the user experience by introducing three new account types.  In addition to the traditional job postings by churches and organizations that has made OrthodoxJobs so successful, users will be able to register for one of the three following accounts:

1. Orthodox Employers

This account type allows Parishes, Orthodox Organizations, Summer Camps and others to register for a posting account.  Once your account has been approved by the OrthodoxJobs staff, you are all set to post any positions you need filled.  New to is a Resume Search function.  Once an Orthodox Employer account has been approved, the entire resume database of Job Seekers becomes available.  

The features of this account are:

  • Free for Orthodox Organizations
  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Access to all Resumes

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2. Job Seekers

Are you interested in a job with the church and don't know where to start?  After years of high demand, a new feature introduced in OrthodoxJobs is the Job Seeker account.  Job Seekers are given the option to post resumes in their fields and apply for jobs.  Additionally, with this new version, you can track available jobs, sign up for notifications for jobs, and edit a personal profile that employers will see.

The features of this account are:

  • Free for all Job Seekers
  • Up to 3 Different Active Resume Postings
  • Track and Apply for Jobs

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3. Business Listings

We have made some changes to our Business Listing, and we are now offering it as a free service! The Business Listing account is all Orthodox business owners, independent contractors, and service providers.  

The features of this account are:

  • Up to 3 Active Listings per Account
  • Searchable Listings

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