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Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
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Full Time Family Ministry Director

Job Description

Ministry Groups

Plans and conducts minimum monthly gatherings (unless otherwise stated below) for each youth and family group as well as other activities. Makes all necessary arrangements (discussions, transportation, speakers, food, etc.) and notifies advisors, parents, youth groups and/or parishioners. Groups include, but are not limited to:

  • Mommy and Me -- Pre-K children and their mothers
  • HOPE – Kindergarten – 1st grade (meets monthly)
  • JOY – 2-5th grade (meets monthly)
  • Jr. GOYA – middle school ministry (meets monthly)
  • Sr. GOYA – high school ministry (meets monthly)
  • Acolytes – a ministry for boys and young men for service in the Altar
  • Myrrh-bearers – a ministry for girls and young women to assist during Church services
  • Greek Folk Dance
  • Religious Education – Pre-k to 12th grade (meets every Sunday)
  • OCF (Orthodox Christian Fellowship) (meetings in Lawrence; need KC Metro Chapter)
  • GOA-YA and Young Professionals (20’s and 30’s; meets monthly)
  • VIP’s (meets monthly)

Program Development

  1. Director will work actively to develop strong relationships with the youth of Annunciation and their families.
  2. Communicate with and visit youth and their families during ministry events.
  3. Utilize available Orthodox Christian resources to lead discussion sessions, especially of Jr. and Sr. GOYA and Family Ministries when necessary.
  4. Develop lesson plans/discussion sessions, specifically for middle school, high school and family ministries.
  5. Creates and maintains a master file of all resource materials used and available for the youth and family ministries.
  6. Develops as needed fundraisers to be chaired by our youth. These fundraisers may support the greater philanthropy of Annunciation, the charitable activities of youth and family ministries and/or to offset expenses not budgeted or approved in the Family Ministry Budget.
  7. Creates and maintains working relationships with other Orthodox youth workers in our region and of the Metropolis. Supports the ministries of and travels with our youth and families to Orthodox regional retreats, Camp Emmanuel, the basketball tournament, Metropolis/National Young Adult Conferences.
  8. Participates in continuing education/training/conferences for youth workers (continuing collegiate studies in Orthodox theology, youth and young adult ministries, religious education or a related field is encouraged).

Planning and Coordination

  1. Will keep a journal of all activities that will be periodically reviewed with the Parish Priest.
  2. Enlist volunteers where needed to help with family ministries and programs.
  3. Works with the Parish Priest to recruit and train youth workers, parents and parishioners for each age group who will assist in ministries.
  4. Oversees all youth and family ministries, programs and their volunteers. Ensures that ministries that are led by volunteers remain faithful to mission and vision statements for ministries at Annunciation.
  5. Serves as a liaison between all youth and family ministries, the Parish Council and the clergy. Provides budgetary needs and ministry reports as requested by clergy and Parish Council and the Parish Assembly.


  1. Maintains a master mailing/email list of all the parents of the youth and families in the parish by age and group affiliation.
  2. Creates and maintains a youth and family ministry calendar which will be printed in the weekly bulletin, the monthly newsletter and on the parish website. Meetings and events will be coordinated with the Church Office to ensure that there are no conflicts.
  3. Prepares flyers for events and ensures timely placement of announcements regarding youth activities in the Newsletter or Bulletin.
  4. Promotes youth and family related activities by contributing to parish newsletter and weekly bulletin.
  5. Will create and/or maintain Youth and Family Ministry sites on social media to communicate with an edify youth and family.
  6. Sets up and runs periodic parent meetings to inform and foster good communication with parents and to receive their feedback.
  7. Responds to inquiries to the Church regarding youth and family activities.


  1. Participates in the liturgical life of the Church and is a steward of Annunciation.
  2. Director will support the leaders of new and existing ministries to ensure that our programs are as effective as possible.
  3. May take part in any other aspect of parish life, but in no way should these activities be allowed to detract from his/her full-time work as the Family Ministry Director.
  4. Performs other related duties as directed by the Clergy.

Job Requirements

  1. 40 hour work week is expected.
  2. Baptized and/or Chrismated Orthodox Christian in Good Standing.
  3. College Degree with a background in Religious Studies and/or Education.
  4. Masters of Theology of Divinity degree from accredited Orthodox Seminary is desirable.
  5. At least basic skills with Computer Software, Design, and Online Media.
  6. Selected candidate must agree to a background check at the time of job offer.
  7. A two year commitment is required.


PTO - Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church offers Paid Time Off (PTO) which will accrue at the rate of (1 hour PTO for every 20 hours worked) that can be used for such needs as vacation personal or family illness, doctor appointments, school volunteerism and other activities of the employee’s choice. PTO is accumulated as of the first day of each month.

To Apply

Interested applicants should contact Barb at Annunciation Church's office, via with their resume and a cover letter.