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St. George Greek Orthodox Church of Cape Cod
1130 Falmouth Road
Centerville, MA 02632

Phone: 508.775.3045


Greek School Teacher

Job Description:

St. George Greek Orthodox Church of Centerville, MA on Cape Cod is looking to hire a Greek School Teacher. The Greek School Teacher shall teach the Greek language and promote the Hellenic orthodox heritage. Specific Duties include:

  • Provide an academic calendar at the beginning of the ecclesiastical Greek school year.
  • Must schedule and conduct two hours of instruction per week for three (3) levels.
  • Topics: Reading, writing, mythology, Greek history, Greek geography, heritage, customs & traditions.
  • Wednesday’s 4:30 to 6:30 level 3; Saturday’s (10 – 12 K & Level 1) (12– 2 Level 2) (2 – 3 make-up class)
  • Take seminars in New York/Boston – education for teachers – how to teach curriculum.
  • Educational Committee to provide a list of students to the teacher. Teacher to verify list of enrollment.
  • Provide monthly attendance report to the Parish Priest and Council
  • “Greek School Teacher” should be available to provide extra help to any student who needs it.
  • Organize students to participate in the annual Greek Independence Day Parade in Boston.
  • Prepare students to participate on Greek Independence Day (March 25th) and “OXI” Day (October 28th) by reciting poems and speeches to the community.
  • Organize and prepare graduation certificates. Then, present them to students at graduation.

Additional information about this position can be found in this document in PDF format.

Interested individuals can contact the Office Administrator Paula by phone at 508-775-3045 or via email