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Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

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Posting Date: May 14, 2020

Full-Time Youth and Young Adult Ministry Position

Youth Director Job Description

Serving the spiritual, educational, emotional, and social needs of our young people is a critical component of the ministry of the Greek Orthodox Church.   Teaching, supporting, engaging, and spiritually nourishing our young people will give them the proper religious foundation they need in their present and future lives; a foundation that will stand firm despite the continually changing times and culture(s) in which our children live.  The role of the parish youth director is vital in this important ministry.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Parish Youth Director:

Under the direction of the Parish Priest the parish youth director is expected to minister to the various spiritual, educational and social needs of the young people of the parish who include all children from birth through high school.  The parish youth director must enjoy spending time with young people and must be a responsible adult at least 21 years of age.  As well, the youth director must also be active in the liturgical and social life of the parish; establishing himself/herself as a role model for the youth in all aspects of the Orthodox Christian way of life.  They should express themselves as someone who is on a continual journey.  For all programs, events, and activities, the youth director should keep the four characteristics of youth ministry in mind: worship, fellowship, service, and witness.  The duties and responsibilities of the youth director include (but are not limited to):

1. Promoting, maintaining, and/or establishing an active liturgical life for the youth with the help of the parish priest

2. Organizing and maintaining youth organizations such as Early Childhood, HOPE, JOY, GOYA and other parish youth ministries

3. Helping to educate the young people about Orthodox Christianity and its way of life through retreats and other such activities

4. Maintaining active lines of communication with the youth, college-aged people, young adults, their parents, and the parish in general through periodical newsletters or inserts in the weekly bulletin, through phone calls, through e-mail or a web site, and most importantly, through one-on-one contact with young people and others

5. Promoting service projects and events for the parish and local community

6. Overseeing all athletic events and helping to choose appropriate coaches and instructors for the teams with the assistance of the parish priest

7. Ensuring that proper permission slips, health records, and insurance information are acquired as necessary for all young people participating in parish sponsored trips, athletic events, etc.

8. Assisting the parish priest in finding appropriate adults to help serve as youth advisors and chaperones as part of the parish’s youth ministry team

9. Familiarizing himself/herself with the resources available through the Archdiocese and Metropolis and for maintaining resources for availability at the parish

10. Helping the parish priest with any activity for young people that the priest wishes to carry out

11. Meeting regularly with the parish priest and parish’s Youth and Young Adult Ministry Team to promote cohesion and coordination in all aspects of youth ministry

12. Working with the Holy Trinity Academy to help promote the spiritual well being of its students through choir activities and retreats as directed by parish priest.

13. Work with Catechetical school in helping develop curriculum for classes and visiting classes periodically to support teachers.

14. Create, maintenance, and maintain a budget for youth ministries in conjunction with Parish Administrator and Treasurer.

The youth director is not a chaperone or babysitter by virtue of his or her position.

Reporting Structure:

The youth director reports directly to the parish priest.  The youth director should provide a report of past and future activities to the parish at the general assembly at the discretion of the parish priest.  All youth advisors, coaches, and other helpers for youth activities are a part of the parish’s youth ministry team and will follow the reporting structure established by the parish priest.

Interactive Spheres:

The youth director is expected to interact with the parish priest, Sunday school director, and the members of the parish’s youth ministry team.  He or she is also expected to interact with the parish council and other organizations of the parish to help promote youth ministry and other activities of the parish in which the young people can and should be involved.  Finally, he or she is expected to interact personally with all of the youth by establishing Orthodox Christian relationships with them.

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