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Holy Trinity Monastery & Seminary
PO Box 36
Jordanville, NY 13361

Tel: (315)717-1480

Network Administrator and Technological Support Specialist

Job description:

Holy Trinity Monastery and Seminary is an institution with complex technological needs requiring a wide range of skills to maintain daily operational functionality. Applicants will be expected to have a deep mastery of hardware and software troubleshooting, website maintenance, computer network maintenance, security hardware and software deployment and maintenance, and basic familiarity with a wide range of other auxiliary disciplines. Applicants will be expected to be motivated, self-organizing, and professional individuals who have a passion and curiosity for technology. The successful applicant will be a capable communicator, as he will be acting as a liaison on the behalf of the institution for communication with third-party hardware specialists, service providers, and hardware sales personnel.

Job requirements:

  • Hardware and software troubleshooting, upgrading, maintenance, and repair of Macs and PCs.
    • Knowledge and familiarity with hard drive replacement, RAM upgrading, and basic hardware troubleshooting of computers on these platforms
    • Knowledge of and familiarity with contemporary Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux operating systems, as well as common mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone systems)
    • Knowledge of and familiarity with common applications commonly used on the aforementioned platforms, including security/antivirus/antimalware software, productivity software, and native applications
  • Networking hardware configuration, troubleshooting, upgrading, maintenance, and deployment
    • Wired and wireless routers, switches, and bridges
    • Wired and wireless Ethernet media, including Ethernet cabling, fiber optics, and wireless technologies
    • VoIP, SIP, and POTS phone technologies and telephony deployment and maintenance
  • Familiarity with enterprise network security hardware
    • Firewall maintenance and policy deployment
    • Ability to read and interpret firewall logs for the purposes of troubleshooting and network maintenance
  • Communication skills for ascertaining client needs, maintaining contact with third-party specialists, communicating with sales personnel and service providers, and maintaining relations with local maintenance staff
  • General familiarity with website CMS usage
  • Basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript language familiarity
  • Basic familiarity with productivity/office applications
    • Spreadsheets for developing accurate cost proposals for upgrades and deployments

Job experience and qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • At least 2 years working in a tech support and/or network administration position, or equivalent experience

To Apply

Interested applicants should send an email to with their resume and a cover letter.