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Orthodox Christian Network

P.O. Box 9658
Washington, DC 20016

Phone: 1-888-MYOCN97

Posted: 10.05.2020

Part Time Website Manager

Summary: Maintain and create content for OCN's website, with responsibilities for technological aspects as well as site content.

Additional responsibilities include ongoing web strategy and oversight of website operation, with particular attention to design, content and site maintenance. The Website Manager will be responsible for updating website content, including information, images, calendar content, schedules, graphics, etc., according to the changing needs of the Network. He or she will work with the Managing Director and the Social Media Manager, as well as website designers and providers, to plan, maintain and improve online presence, initiating new ways to enhance and develop the OCN’s website presence. This is a telecommuting position, however the website manager assists/attends staff meetings and events as needed.

Job Type: Part time (8 to 12 hrs. per week)

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Participate as a contributing member of the content team
  • Maintain, update and oversee website operation and content 
  • Attend workshops and webinars as necessary

Technology Responsibilities:

  • Act as liaison between OCN and it’s IT partner
  • Stay up-to-date and maintain proficiency in IT partner website products
  • Have a working knowledge of WordPress, HTML, and Microsoft Office. This may include other programs that feed information to the organization’s site
  • Have a working knowledge of Photoshop or a similar image-processing software
  • Train OCN contributors and staff in the WordPress content management system as needed

Site Content Responsibilities:

  • Update and maintain all website information and content. Content is updated daily/weekly and may include blogs, videos, menus, audio, news stories, photo galleries, etc.
  • Troubleshoot any website issues including bugs, content formatting, etc.
  • Work with Manager Director to facilitate the nonprofit plan and vision for the website in relation to OCN’s marketing program
  • Assist with review of site statistics and analytics


  • Bachelor’s degree required 
  • Excellent communication and writing skills, including spelling, grammar, punctuation as well as composition, editing and proofing
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Photoshop (or similar program)
  • Adept at social media platforms and online content management systems
  • Proficiency in WordPress website design and website maintenance
  • Understanding of HTML, RSS, CSS etc., as needed
  • Expertise in website design, graphics and layout
  • Experience with web writing
  • Experience generating non-text content such as photographs and video
  • Photography skills preferred
  • Work Authorization: United States

Key Skills:

  • Interpersonal/collaboration skills
  • Communication skills (including ability to communicate effectively in verbal and written communication; understand and follow written and oral instructions)
  • Working knowledge of Orthodox Christianity
  • Time management skills
  • Problem solving skills (including ability to handle stressful situations in a professional manner)
  • Information technology experience

How To Apply:

Submit a cover letter and resume to (insert name, title, and email address) with the subject line “OCN Website Manager Application” to We will review applicants on a rolling basis until the position is filled. For more information: