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Project Mexico and Saint Innocent Service Works

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Pasadena, CA 91109

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Posted: 12.02.2020

Saint Innocent Service Works Intern Coordinator

The SISW Intern Coordinator’s responsibilities include recruitment and training of new interns, managing the database of intern information & skills, matching interns to roles that best suit their skills, assigning interns to their work site locations, training interns to become Orthodox leaders through our SISW Service Learning Leadership Training Program, managing intern engagement, providing ongoing mentorship & management of interns while they are in the field, working with the Volunteer Coordinator to best select and deploy Work Trip Interns and keeping internal staff abreast on everything relating to interns.

This position requires past experience in leadership training, mentoring and a strong understanding of God’s Word, specifically with regard to missionary work. Concerning leadership, topics to be taught by the Intern Coordinator includes public speaking, presentation, defusing arguments, understanding temperaments, empathetic listening, time management and coaching. Our perfect candidate must have had adequate exposure to these topics and feels confident in teaching them. We are looking for someone who is not only not afraid to give lessons in front of a crowd, but also able to ensure the topics discussed are truly understood by their pilpuls. As our training topics are selected specifically to ensure our interns are successful in the field, their ability to put them into practice is of utmost importance following the trainings. The ideal candidate must also be passionate about mentoring as this is the core responsibility of the role. The means that you must have superb interpersonal skills, be able to read and flex to different temperaments, be able to listen without judgment & show empathy and also have the ability to lead, advise and comfort.

As part of your role will be to train Work Trip Interns who will then have the responsibility of assisting the Volunteer Coordinator, you will be working closely together to ensure a seamless dual management of those interns. This role may also require availability at odd hours if emergencies happen and interns need help. Intern coordinator duties will likely go beyond management of interns and include tasks like grant writing, marketing, bookkeeping, and organizing information.

Lastly, we are looking for someone who is truly passionate about training the next generation of Orthodox Christian leaders. We are placing our youths in your hands. This is a great responsibility that can bring unimaginable amounts of fulfillment, but it can also be a tiring role that requires you to always give. Just be sure you are ready.

How to Apply

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