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Project Mexico and Saint Innocent Service Works

P.O. Box 8210
Pasadena, CA 91109

Phone: (619) 426-4610

Posted: 12.02.2020

Saint Innocent Service Works Volunteer Coordinator

The SISW Volunteer Coordinator's responsibilities include partnering with marketing to ensure we receive our annual goal of volunteers for our work trips, managing the database of our volunteer group information & skills, matching volunteer groups to work sites, ensuring volunteers are provided all necessary information pertaining to their trip, provide necessary training material prior to groups being deployed, managing volunteer expectations, managing outstanding payments of groups, being our main representative to partner organizations in different locations, managing partner organizations expectations, delegating & managing Work Trip Interns once they are deployed and keeping internal staff abreast on upcoming work trips.

This position requires strong organization skills as you will need to manage relationships & expectations with both partner organizations and with our volunteer groups. You need to have a fundamental understanding of process management and be able to apply it towards our program as we are still in the start-up phase of expanding our building trips outside of Tijuana. You need to have superb interpersonal & communication skills as much of your job will be interacting with volunteers, partners from other organizations and internal staff members. Both verbal and written communication skills are relied upon heavily for this role. Once Work Trip interns are deployed, part of their role will be to help you relay information between our partners and us. Therefore, you will need to possess leadership skills, be comfortable with delegating and a good partner to the Intern Coordinator as you dually manage those interns. We are also looking for someone who can easily develop and retain new and ongoing relationships, as there is an expectation for the person in this position to further help us expand our network for partnerships and work site locations.

For thirty years now, we have been building hope in Tijuana, Mexico by providing secure and safe homes for families in need. Now we are looking to expand our know-how and reach to more people in need in different locations around the United States and beyond. As previously mentioned, we are currently at the start-up phase in this expansion. The ideal candidate will be a great asset in shaping the new program and have the opportunity to build something extraordinary. However, this also means that the perfect person for the job is a go-getter who does not need a lot of supervision and is able to be counted on to get the job done.

Lastly, we are looking for someone who is passionate not only about serving those who are in need, just as Christ has shown us, but moreover, to develop and train the next generations of Orthodox Christian leaders. Through our volunteer work trips, internships and training, we believe that we can create a continuous flow of service, learning, growth and teach back. It starts with those who volunteer, then becoming our interns and eventually serving as full time missionaries.

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