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St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy

16255 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV  89521
Phone: (775) 527-0398

Posted: 08.28.2020

Teachers and Classroom Aides

St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy, a private, non-profit Orthodox Christian school, in Reno, NV is seeking educational teachers and classroom aides.  We have a small student body (K-12) with a high teacher to student ratio which allows us to educate each student as unique individuals with his/her own set of strengths, weaknesses and learning styles.  Our Academy is for all children, including other children who don’t fit well into other school settings, and who want to spend their school days in a loving, nurturing, accepting, bully-free Orthodox Christian environment.

We are seeking to hire educators who are of the Orthodox Christian faith, practice patience and enjoy working with children.  The ideal candidates must be able to effectively develop working relationships with students and staff and possess the ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing.  Strong organizational skills are necessary.

The job responsibilities include but are not limited to providing a safe learning environment with effective classroom management that guides and encourages students to develop and fulfill their academic potential while ensuring their emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social growth.  Plan, prepare and deliver lesson plans and instructional materials that facilitate active learning and engages students in learning.  Prepare and lead classroom activities. Maintain accurate records of students’ progress and development.  Manage classroom procedures and student behavior.

The ideal candidate will possess the following minimum qualifications:

  • Lead Teacher – Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution or related field teaching; a state teaching certification; knowledge and implementation of relevant technology.
  • Student Teacher – minimum high school diploma; ideal candidate is currently pursuing a degree in education and desires to obtain a teaching license.
  • Classroom Aide – high school diploma or equivalent; experience working with children; ability to assist teaching staff in a variety of instructional activities.

Candidates will be required to undergo a background and fingerprint check.

To Apply

For more information or to apply, please contact Peggy Baker, Director of Finance and Human Resources at (775) 527-0398 or  You may also submit a cover letter or resume to above email.